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Benefits of having a Website for Your Business

We are Designing Opportunities for Your Business

Business Expansion

Your website can help in the expansion of the business to worldwide.

Always Available

Your website is available 24 hours / 7 days; never closes or stops

Customer Support

Easily you can receive Customers Orders, Complains & Questions any time.

Business Massage

Share your business massage; Values, Visions & Missions

Products & Services

Your website is the best tool to share and market all of your products and services.


Easily share and receive recruitment requests through your website.

Why should we be your first choice?

Creative, Flexible and Affordable Website Design


Get up to 20% Discount on Hosting, Domain Name, & Website Design Costs.

Dynamic Websites

All our websites designs are dynamic.


All our designs contains one or more sliders to make your website modern and professional.


We connect your website with search engines like Google, Bing..etc

Well Documented

You will receive a documentation file with all explanations needed to start your work easily.

Domain Name

NEW! All domain names registered with us will get Domain Privacy Protection Free

Responsive Website

View your website from any device or on any screen sizes.


We have the best support ticket system to track all questions & answers anytime.


Start an online store to sell your products and services, receive orders requests from customers and payments.

Social Media

Connect your website with your business social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn..etc


We are dealing with the best hosting companies in the world; SSD & Cloud Hosting.

SSL Certificate

All hosting plans comes with SSL Certificate Free


We take all necessary measures to protect your site from hacking.


Get an unlimited professional emails with your business name for example: [email protected]

Multilingual Websites

We design your website in Arabic, English or both langues.

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◉ What are the types of businesses need for a website?

Any business types can have a website;

  • Clubs.
  • Gym & Health Clubs.
  • Hospitals & Clinics
  • Medical Companies
  • Cosmetics Companies
  • Pharmacies
  • Schools
  • Beauty Centers
  • Restaurants
  • Tourism Companies
  • Hotels
  • Newspapers & Magazines
  • Real Estate Companies
  • Car Maintenance Centers
  • Car Showrooms
  • Lawyers Firms
  • Accounting Firms

& any other types of business

◉ Are all websites designs dynamic and responsive?

All websites are designed to be dynamic and responsive

◉ How to protect my domain name privacy?

We provide all our customers a domain name privacy protection feature for FREE FOREVER. We will not charge you any additional costs.

◉ Will I pay extra for a SSL Certificate?

  • By default we are providing all our customers a FREE SSL Certificates.
  • If you need a private SSL Certificate you will be charged additional costs.

◉ What are the standard pages your business website needs?

  • All websites designed will have a special homepage according to the business activity, products, and services.
  • We add one or more sliders to the website to make the website more dynamic, modern & professional.
  • We can add these pages; Contact Us – About Us – News – Products & Services – Company History, etc.
  • We can allow customers to contact you directly from your website.
  • We can allow people who seeking for jobs to send their CVs directly from your website.
  • We can add professional gallerias for business staff, products & services.
  • We can add online chatting tools to contact with customers online in the same time.
  • We can professional support tickets system to track customers questions and answers. The system allows you to track customers satisfaction through Reports, Satisfaction Survey, SLA (Service Level Agreement) adds ability to keep track of ticket timing set in SLA Policies.
  • We can can turn your website to an eCommerce website.

◉ How many email accounts can created on my hosting?

You can create unlimited email accounts .

◉ Does emails working on any device?

You can access emails from any Android Devices, iOS Devices, Microsoft Outlook, Browsers, etc.

◉ What are the protection tools for my website to avoid hacking?

We are providing free security solutions to keep your website safe from hacking. If you need more powerful security solutions, we can provide you with premium firewall and security tools to protect your website from hacking, Brute-force attacks or DDoS attacks.

◉ Will be a copyrights sign with my business name?

We add a copyright with your business name in the footer of your website. For example: © 2019 YourBusinessName – All Rights Reserved

◉ Will I pay extra for connecting the website with search engines?

We will not charge you any additional costs. Any websites designed we are automatically connect it with search engines; Google, Bing, etc.

◉ Will I pay extra for connecting the website with social media?

We will not charge you any additional costs. Any websites designed we are automatically connect it with your social media accounts.

◉ What browsers that websites are compatible with?

Your website will be compatible with the most popular browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, IE, Edge


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