General Questions

Can I get refund after purchasing any of software license key?

Unfortunately, the refund policy has been widely abused by some customers. Due to the nature of the product, the license cannot be resold to another client because we cannot know if it has been used or not.

Refunds are accepted according to the following conditions:

  • The sale was not completed, and the customer did not receive the license yet. In this case, you can contact us to cancel the order or Go to My Account -> Support -> New Ticket, Choose from Department drop down menu ” Cancel Order Request”, Please write the details of your order/orders you want to cancel in the ticket.
  • The customer subscribes to iSupport or iSupport Plus (Terms & Conditions).

Can I return something I do not needed anymore after confirming and paying for it?

We recommend to read Terms and Conditions

Can I pay online with my debit or credit card?

You can pay from your credit or debit card (“Card”) through PayPal (What is PayPal?) for Secured Online Payment. The service is available till now for Software products only. All your data is Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and https protocol. (Other Payment Options)

Is installment service available when I pay online with my debit or credit card?

Payment with your credit or debit card (“Card”) is available only through PayPal (What is PayPal?) for Secured Online Payment. You can return to your bank by contacting customer service to find out if you can pay in installments when for PayPal transactions.

Microsoft Products License

Why the license of Microsoft Products is cheaper than Microsoft price?

  • We are dealing with international stores in the USA, UK and Germany which they offering Microsoft product licenses at a competitive price to the home user.
  • We are only selling the license (product) key for Microsoft products and do not dispatch any physical product DVD, CD or USB stick with the software so you are not paying for the additional cost of the DVD, CD, or USB.
  • You will not charge any shipping fees as the delivery will be through the e-mail.
  • Microsoft software licenses offered on our website can not be transferred between computers, which are licenses for one computer or laptop. Otherwise stated.
  • Microsoft software licenses are not suitable for corporate users. Otherwise stated.
  • You can get full support through Microsoft Online.
  • You can get the latest updates through Microsoft.

Will I get Microsoft Updates?

Yes, you can download Microsoft updates. Our store is selling 100% genuine Microsoft software license, just install the license on genuine Microsoft software. If you do not have a copy, we will send you a free download link without any additional fees.

Are you official reseller to Microsoft?

We are not official distributors for Microsoft products, but we are dealing with the largest stores in USA, UK and Germany offering Microsoft products at competitive prices.

How can I Install an Original Copy of Microsoft Products and Activate it?

  • Once the purchase is completed, we will send PDF instructions file to your registered email which will help you activate the license and also have a link to download your copy of Microsoft Products for free without any additional fees.
  • For any other questions you can contact us. or Go to My Account -> Support -> New Ticket Support
  • Also we offering a premium support, we recommend to use it called iSupport & iSupport Plus.

I have no experience to install Microsoft Product Key?

We have designed a premium support service iSupport and iSupport Plus. Our support staff takes full responsibility for activation of your software product/s. We also offers you a range of premium services. Learn more about iSupport and iSupport Plus and terms and conditions.

Internet Download Manager License

Is there any additional fees for Internet Download Manager lifetime license?

IDM Lifetime license purchase is one-time payment. There are no any additional annual fees. The license will be valid for lifetime. It means it will never expire.

I purchased Internet Download Manager Lifetime license means I will get forever free updates?

IDM lifetime license guaranteed three-years of free updates. When free updates period passes, you can purchase subscription for updates and it will be notably cheaper than purchasing a new license. Lifetime IDM license will work even if you decide to not pay for updates.

Will I get free updates if I purchased Internet Download Manager one year license?

Yes. You will get free updates only for one year from the date of purchasing the license.

What happens after the expiration of Internet Download Manager one year license?

Your Internet Download Manager (IDM) stops working and asks to enter a new product key in one year unless the license is paid and extended for another year.

Can I use one license of Internet Download Manager on more than one computer?

The License of Internet Download Manager is only for one computer for Lifetime. You have to know that Internet Download Manager (IDM) use complex algorithm on their servers for detection when serial number is used on several computers SIMULTANEOUSLY. Then it gets blocked.

Can I get a special discount if I purchase more than one license?

Yes, you have to contact our sales team to give you our special discount.

Is iSmart Station is an offical Partner?

Yes. We are an official reseller and for any inquires you can visit www.internetdownloadmanager.com

Do you want to try free Internet Download Manager?

Download The latest Internet Download Manager for Free Click Here

WinRAR License

Is the license of WinRAR is Lifetime?

Yes. WinRAR license keys are perpetual license keys, which will work lifetime.

Is the license of WinRAR gets me a free update forever?

The policy of WinRAR is to offer future upgrades and updates for free to our users. Although WinRAR will not intend to change that in the near future, there are no guarantees or real assurance for how long the current policy will continue. If you want to be assured that will receive also updates and upgrades of WinRAR software you have to purchase the WinRAR Annual Maintenance Package (WAMP).

What is WinRAR Annual Maintenance Package (WAMP)?

The WinRAR Annual Maintenance Package is an optional, premium-support service. The following benefits are available to customers who have purchased Annual Maintenance:

  • Priority support (within 48 hours via a dedicated e-mail contact)
  • Upgrade assurance
  • Lost key support (also within 48 hours via email).

Can I add WinRAR Annual Maintenance Package (WAMP) even though I have bought WinRAR License?

Yes, No problem.

Can I get a special discount if I purchase more than one license?

Yes, you have to contact our sales team to give you our special discount.

If you do not find the answer to your questions. Please contact us or create a new support ticket through My Account -> Support -> New Ticket


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