Satisfaction Survey

Customer feedback plays an important role in support sector. If you want to hear your customers about their experience with you ( or your supervisor ) for support given in ticket, this feature can help.

An email will get sent after x number of days/hours when ticket is closed. See below screen-shot of sample email.

As soon as customer click one of the rating link, immediately it gets register in ticket even if user is logged in or not on your website. Optionally he can submit feedback in words. Window to submit feedback is provided on page where it has been redirected after clicking one of the rating above. You can set email notifications for both rating and feedback. See screen-shot below:

Rating widget and feedback is now available in ticket. Rating widget is only visible if ticket is closed.

Further, you can show ratings in ticket list and also can filter tickets by rating. This will help you to check tickets for specific rating to analyses where your supervisors made mistakes or where they done well so that you can improve your support quality in future.

We can customize almost everything for you. We can create any number of ratings, or change ratings order with your custom choice.